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  • 26 May, 2021



(1) OPENNESS – By getting involved with social media and managing it carefully, you can build customer loyalty and create a reputation for being easy to engage with.

(2) SOCIAL CURRENCY – Digital Marketing lets you create engaging campaigns using content marketing tactics. This content (images, videos, articles) can gain social currency – being passed from user to user and becoming viral.

(3) GLOBAL REACH – A website lets you find new markets and trade globally with only a small investment.

(4) GEOGRAPHIC – There are no demographic or geographic boundaries as you are working over the internet. The whole world can be your market.

(5) LOWER COST – A well planned and finely targeted digital marketing campaign can reach the exact customers at a much lower cost than traditional marketing methods.


(1) HIGH COMPETITION – While you can reach a global audience with digital marketing, you are also up against global competition. It can be a challenge to stand out against competitors and to grab attention among the many messages centered at consumers online.

(2) SECURITY AND PRIVACY ISSUES – There are a number of legal considerations around collecting and using customer data for digital marketing purposes. Take care to comply with the rules regarding privacy and data protection of your customers.

(3) SKILLS AND TRAINING – You need to make sure that your staff has the right knowledge and expertise to carry out digital marketing with success. Tools, platforms and trends change rapidly and it’s important that you stay updated.

(4) TIME CONSUMING – Tasks such as optimising online advertising campaigns and creating marketing content is time consuming. It’s vital to measure your results to ensure a ROI.

(5) COMPLAINTS AND FEEDBACK – Any negative feedback or criticism of your brand can be visible to your audience through social media and review websites. Carrying out effective customer service online is challenging. Negative comments or failure to respond effectively can damage your brand image.


(1) VICINUS : Local listings also play crucial role in helping your business grow. Vicinus offers a competitive solution for companies of all sizes when it comes to managing local listings. This tool helps local businesses update their information so that they are visible and discoverable for the target audience. The AI integrated local MarTech platform provides accurate and consistent data, SEO-friendly store locator pages, review management, and updated insights.

(2) HOOTSUITE : An ideal tool for social media management, Hootsuite helps you store your approved content in the cloud and is accessible to the team 24/7 for social media postings. The tool also allows you to schedule multiple posts at once along with the tags and keywords. The tool has made social media marketing easy and less time taking for us. The social teams can easily track the engagement, calculate conversions, and ROI. In addition, the tool makes it easy to reply to the comments or mentions using the dashboard.

(3) MAILCHIMP : It creates and manages the mailing list, automated marketing campaigns, newsletters, and also helps you design the email campaigns. The ability to track the performance of an email campaign, e-commerce integration, and automation are some of the top reasons using MailChimp is recommended. The free plan option for less than 2000 subscribers is an added advantage.

(4) GOOGLE ANALYTICS : Google Analytics is known to be the gold standard for website analytics. Being one of the most essential tool for digital marketing programs , this tool provides you with all the information about who is visiting your website, the exact location of the visitors, and the pages where they are spending the maximum time. It helps us understand what makes a good business for the target audience. In addition to this, tracking conversion rates, user engagement, real-time data are some of the reasons marketers love using the tool.

(5) BUZZSUMO : It helps in identifying and connecting with the top influencers in the industry. It enables you to look up the trending topics and helps you generate content that attracts your target audience. Creating content-based on the latest trends has always been a challenge. BuzzSumo provides specific data that comes handy in creating content following the latest trends.

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