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YouTube Monetization

 YouTube Monetization
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  • 01 Jul, 2021

Setting up your YouTube account with the YouTube Partner Program is much simpler than it looks. Once you reach the right number of subscribers and views, you will get eligible to apply for the program.


After being applied, your account will then go for review and within few days you will get to know whether you are accepted or not. If you get accepted, you can begin monetization and continue to grow your revenue streams.




Also known as YouTube Monetization. YPP let's creators monetize their videos on YouTube. As YouTube and its creators are part of a revenue-sharing model which helps both parties stay in business. For example, when a creator enables ads on their YouTube videos, and viewers watch those ads, the revenue is split between YouTube and the creator. The latter receives 55% while YouTube takes the remaining 45%.




There are two important goals you are needed to achieve before applying for YPP. They are:


(1) A minimum of 1000 subscribers.

(2) 4000 hours of organic watch time over the past 12 months.




The first thing we need to do from the YouTube Studio, is head on over to the monetization link down the left-hand navigation bar. Until your channel is monetized, the screen will show you your progress to those two requirements of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time.


Once you've met the requirements, you'll see a blue Apply Now button. By comparison, when you haven't yet met the requirements, you can set YouTube to notify you the moment you are eligible.


Once being eligible, when you click on the Apply Now button, you'll be presented with the following three steps that you need to work through. These include:


STEP 1: REVIEW YPP TERMS (KNOW WHAT YOU ARE AGREEING TO WITH YOUTUBE): It's really important to know what you're agreeing to. Essentially, this is a business contract and YouTube has responsibilities, and so do you. The first important step is to be sure your channel is set to the right country when you apply for YPP.


When it comes to ad revenue, the basic principle is, when an advertiser pays $1 to YouTube to place an advert on one of your videos, you earn 55% of that revenue, while YouTube takes the other 45%. But, with things like super chats and memberships, that cut is slightly different. You get 70% and YouTube keeps 30%.


The next thing you need to be prepared for is, the delay in payments. You must reach the minimum payment threshold by the end of a calendar month to trigger a pay-out from YouTube. When that requirement is met, it can take up to 60 days for that payment to arrive in your account. If you don't meet the minimum threshold in one month, you don't lose the money, it simply accumulates until you trigger a pay-out.


Along with all of the other terms that you should read, be aware that YouTube is not responsible for applying any local taxes to the revenue you make from your channel.


STEP 2: ADSENSE ACCOUNT (CREATE AND/OR CONNECT TO A YOUTUBE CHANNEL): Click on the start button, at which point you'll be prompted to log in to your Google account again. Next, you'll be asked, whether or not you have an AdSense account. If you already have an AdSense account, confirm that you do, and then you'll be asked to sign in to that account.


The sign-up screen will show you your current AdSense details, along with the YouTube channel, you're about to associate.


your AdSense account with. Click on Accept association and it's done.


STEP 3: REVIEW PROCESS (HOW LONG, ACCEPTANCE & REJECTION): On YouTube's own support page for monetization application, they state that - once your channel is under review, it typically takes about a month to receive their decision. Having said this, for most people, the application process is a lot quicker.


Also, something else that's really important to note is that, while your application is in progress, you won't earn any monetization. You have to be accepted and actually monetize those videos before you get any income.


But, what if your application gets rejected? It often happens when creators don't follow YouTube's guidelines and policies from the start. You will get some feedback from YouTube as to why your channel was rejected. The good news is, you're not permanently rejected from the YouTube Partner Program. You are allowed to reapply in 30 days.


If, on the other hand, you are accepted into the YouTube Partner Program, you'll see a welcome message in the YouTube Studio, and you'll be able to start monetising videos immediately. You may gain access to the Copyright Matching Tool, so that you can start protecting your content on YouTube.




(1) ADVERTISING REVENUE: On getting accepted into the YPP, you can immediately turn on ads for all videos that meet YouTube’s advertiser-friendly content guidelines. This enables adverts to be shown on your content, and when YouTube gets paid by advertisers, they share those earnings with you. The ratio of YouTube to Creators is of 45:55. This money is then paid to you via Google AdSense, where you can keep track of all your analytics.


(2) CHANNEL MEMBERSHIPS: This allows your members to pay a membership fee, and in return, they get access to special videos, live chats, emoji, badges, and other content. You will still need to focus on your free content to help grow your channel, but this allows you to maximize your revenue on some of your best videos. You will need more than 30,000 subscribers to unlock this revenue stream.


(3) MERCH SHELF: If you’ve built a strong brand through your content, then chances are your audience might want to engage with it by buying merchandise. When your channel reaches 10,000 subscribers or more, you can open up YouTube’s merchandise feature and create yet another revenue stream. This option might not be right for every channel, but it can bring in a substantial income for some YouTuber accounts.


(4) SUPER CHAT & SUPER STICKERS: A super chat or super sticker allows message to be featured and even pinned to the top of the chat. For viewers, super chat offers greater access to the brand they’re engaging with, and for content creators, it offers another revenue stream. Users can spend up to $500 for super chat, and you keep around 70% of this, while YouTube takes the other 30%.


(5) YOUTUBE PREMIUM REVENUE: YouTube Premium is available to all YouTube account holders, and it offers users an upgraded experience. The big selling point for YouTube Premium is that it removes all ads, so people can watch their favourite videos without interruptions, and it also allows you to run the YouTube app in the background without the video pausing. As a creator and YPP member, you get paid every time a YouTube Premium member watches your content.